session log

A brief listing of recent recordings happening at Tricycle Sound:

Client: Session Type: Release Info: Notes: DJ Contributed:
Tim Kough Tracking/Editing/Mixing Dreams and Demons Full Length album drums, bass, lead guitar, mandolin, slide guitar
Elizabeth Grant Tracking/Editing Morning Commute CD Voice recording for motivational CD  
Laurie Sucher Tracking/Editing/Mixing Unheard Melodies Vocal and Synth recording of folk songs to accompany art exhibition at ARC gallery in Chicago acoustic guitar
Plasmata Tracking/Editing/Mixing EP Violins by Lisa Feiertag electric guitar, narrative
Jay Costa Tracking/Editing/Mixing Songs for Film Music apps   drums, electric guitar, samples
Redline 99 Tracking/Editing/Mixing EP bass, samples
Sanawon Tracking/Editing/Mixing Bonfire Night CD   electric guitar, bass, background vocals, dropped reverb unit, production
Kaer Trouz Tracking/Editing/Mixing     Slide guitar, bass
Toro Toro Toro Mixing/Prep for Mastering For Snakes and Smiles EP