Live sound engineer/recordist seeking bands to produce/record

Hey guys,
Everyone should have a good recording of themselves to use for promo, sell to your fans, post online, and/or include in your press kits. That's where I come in...I'm Phillip with Bitterson Music and we offer two recording services for bands, solo artists, and performers:
1-Live show multitrack recordings: I'll come to your show and mic everything up or pull it from the house board and record it into Pro Tools. I'll then mix it down to a great sounding cd of your performance. I'll have your cd ready within three days of your show...and you own the recording, so post it all over your myspace page, website, or duplicate it for your live show cd release!

2- Mobile studio production: All of my gear is mobile so I can turn any space into your own private studio. No more time crunches or hauling your gear across town. I come to you where you are most comfortable and we will take the time to get great takes and overdubs of your stuff. Together, we'll take the time to mix and produce a great sounding recording of your music.

My rates are great and workmanship, reliablity, and quality will all exceed your expectations.

Send me an email through myspace or anytime!

I look forward to hearing from you and working on your project,
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