February Update

The creative energy is almost palpable here at Tricycle Sound, as we kick off 2008 with diverse and ambitious endeavors:

  • Favorite Saints debut album is completed and was recently mastered at Boiler Room mastering. The album features 13 songs tracked and mixed at TS. Release info to be announced shortly.
  • Currently Mixing: 9 songs of Americana and Honky Tonk fusion by songwriter Max Larkin
  • Currently Tracking: Phil Rockrohr's follow up album to 2006's 'Thru the Haze' and an album of vibrant soul and upbeat rockers with songwriter Jerome Holloway

We have recently expanded our arsenal of mixing tools with Universal Audio Powered Plug-ins, including the much-lauded Plate 140 plate reverb emulator and Pultec Pro EQ.

Another recent acquisition is a 1942 73-key Wurlitzer piano, which has a dark, rich tone that belies its small stature.



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