Frequently Asked Questions

What does your Full Service rate include?

The 'Full Service' rate is intended to offer the singer-songwriter an affordable means of recording their songs without having to outsource session musicians. As a multi-instrumentalist, I can perform a number of instruments on your songs to your specifications. The rate includes the recording of session work you would like me to perform: live or programmed drums, bass, guitar, leads, keys, synth, percussion, etc.. The rate also includes all tracking/recording of tracks you will be performing and the mixing of the songs. Since there is some rehearsal time required for me to learn your songs, we've come up with an affordable, single rate for songs done in this Full Service style: $150. Read a testimonial from songwriter Tim Kough on his Full Service experience at Tricycle Sound.

Do you do Mastering?

No. Tricycle Sound is not a mastering studio. We are a recording (or 'tracking') and mixing studio. We do prepare your final mix for mastering at a mastering studio. If you choose not to have your mix mastered, we can provide you with a reference copy of your music at an appropriate gain level in addition to a master-ready mix. We can also recommend a mastering house to you.

Do I have to be there the mixing session?

I would highly recommend that you be present at the mixing session for your project.

Do you do drum tuning?

Yes, we can provide tuning and seating prior to your recording session. Contact us if you are interested.

Do you accept credit card?

Yes, but only through Paypal at this time.

When is payment due?

Typically, payment for the day's session is due at the end of each session. Since we work on a variety of projects with hourly and song-based service rates, we would discuss the fee up front and work out the best payment plan for you.

Do you do Hip Hop?

Yes. Some of our most loyal customers are hip hop artists and producers. While we are experienced in heavy editing, looping, mixing vocals over mixtapes, and working with industry tracks, we would much rather create beats from scratch, using the thousands of excellent samples and hits from our sample library, which includes professional and custom, TS-exclusive samples. Contact us if you are interested in custom beats.