A Digidesign Tech Support Call Adventure Time - defective 002 units

I am an owner of several Digidesign products, and, thankfully, have only had to make two calls to their tech support line in my entire decade of using their products. I scored a 002 rack unit on ebay about 9 months ago, and this turned out to be a modest upgrade from my 001, but required for use with Pro Tools 7 and up. My most recent call to their tech support line was necessitated by the 002 unit intermittently dropping its connection, indicated by a blinking 'sample rate' light and clicking sound. Thought I'd post here, since I've only seen one or two forum posts elsewhere about this problem. It is a problem with the power harness on an early make of the 002r units. Here's how my tech support call went down:

Firstly, Digidesign WILL try to get you off the phone as immediately as possible. Which, to me, is understandable as I can't imagine how many service calls they get from individuals who may not know what phantom power is. The tech support rep I spoke with asked me when I registered PT 7.3 to see if I still qualified for their 30 day 'complimentary' tech support. They will look you up in their database, so I thought I'd save him some time and point out that I *might* own one of their defective units. He asked for the serial of the 002r and verified that it was indeed of the defective batch. So they FedEx'd me a new power harness with some lube for the connection pins. It was relatively minor surgery to install the new harness, and they also sent a helpful note on cleaning the pins.

While my experience was with an admittedly defective unit, I was glad they bothered to FedEx a replacement, so I was not out of commission for more than a day.



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